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Suicide Does Not Solve Your Problem

I am sure that everyone has a problem in this life. Ligh issues and severe problems will always come to life as long as we are in this world. We have to accept that fact, even if life basically do not always have to get into trouble. We must always be prepared when the ordeal comes into our lives. I publish this paper aims to change the wrong perspective in dealing with the problems of life by some people.


Dismissed from work, loss of the most loved, household quarrels, difficult to get cure from disease, have a business that always fails are some example of life problems. Of course this is a very avoided by everyone because no one wants it to happen. But if it  happens, we must not continue to dissolve in this suffering if we do not to slumped deeper. I know that is very difficult to remain tough in the face of severe problems. But we must make consideration, want to solve the problem or solved by the problem. Think about it.

The Consequences Received When Committing Suicide

Some less commendable ways to cope with the burden of life are committing a crime and suicide by people who think that's the best way. Actually, there is no need to do bad things like that if you want something good to happen. Just believe it, we as human beings have got help from our Creator, but there are still people who have not believe this.

If you feel tired, do not use your own ability to face heavy burden because it will be in vain. Try to contemplate and ask God for help. God is good. If He can created you, He can also help you to get rid all the problems of life. Don't hurt your neigbour, don't hurt yourself and one thing you need to know that dying is not the way to solve the problem. We all know that it is a big sin and and will certainly feel the suffering in the nature that will be addressed after the real world. Of course very horrible.

I know that solving difficult problems in life is not easy, realize that there is no other way unless you have to face steadfastly and do ways that do not harm you and others. We must have a big soul when trouble comes to mess up our lives and certainly not just stay silent but still try to find the best solution. If you believe and believe, God will help you to get rid of all those problems, but if you don't believe Him, He will not show His magic.

What is gained if steadfast faces life's problems

Some famous people have experienced a difficult time in their life and finally they get the pleasure of life after years of suffering. I read the story of their success through the internet. Why can feel pleasure after suffering? the answer is that they remain firm and willing to do little things to survive. Some of them are sleeping under the bridge,selling snack, being waiters in restaurants and much more.

They don't want to continue to dissolve in suffering. We never realized there would be a person who ever showed us how to improve and this problem would gradually disappear and life full of joy. No one knows what will happen in the future. If you do a good way, the best will come to you. But if you keep doing the bad things because of  your problems, something worse will still happen.

Human beings were created as strong, not waek creatures. Believe that the problems we face will not exceed our strength. Remember that there are still many people who need you and there are still many people who love you. Don't hurt yourself anda don't commit suicide. 

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